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Date 28/03
Wat Als Het Leven Een RnB Clip Was
Smooth players, B-Boys and fly girls... this one's for you! What if your life was an R&B video? Would you be rocking your Adidas, gold chains and Kangoo hats like RUN DMC or would you hit the scene all dressed up in a three piece suit waving your Candy Stick around?

Only the finest of flashback hits and contemporary cannonballs will be played in a decor that takes us back to those good old days. The main hall will feature a special guest performance by the uncrowned god of Dutch Rap: Extince. This man is a living legend and it's a thrill to have him over. AIR 2 is themed 'The Dancehall'...
Extince, DNS, Harry Foolish, Alex Charry, One Trick Pony, Duke John & Skank, Ome Ad, DDK, Elroy Vanderley
23:00 - 05:00 | Earlybird: €10,- | Presale: €12,50
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