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Date 29/03
CookieClub invites Moda Black
It's time for some serious grooves on the dancefloor! CookieClub has proven itself one of the steady pilars in Amsterdam's underground house / deephouse scene and the upcoming collab with hot and happening label Moda Black should be nothing short of mindblowing. AIR cherishes a warm-felt relationship with the UK label and is more than happy to have PBR Streetgang, Jaymo & Andy George and Citizen over once again.
PBR Streetgang, Homework, Jaymo & Andy George, Citizen, WNDWLCKRS, Sergio Obergh
23:00 - 05:00 | Presale: €10,- (Earlybird) | €12,50 (Regular Ticket)
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PBR Streetgang DJ Mix DeephouseAmsterdam 2014

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