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AIR hosts 2014 XITE Awards
We're proud to announce that the 2014 XITE Awardshow will take place in AIR. On the 13th of March XITE will hand out awards in ten different categories such as Best Music Video, Best Dance and Best Hiphop. Nominees from all different walks and talks will gather in AIR to find out if they are the lucky winners. 

Artists such as Sharon Doorson, Nielson, Gers Pardoel, Eva Simons and Mr.Probz will go head-to-head in a competition for Best Male / Best Female Award. 

The second edition of the XITE Award seems to go by: 'big, bigger, biggest'. Both national and international talent will be showcased. The young and talented among us have a shot at the Kickstart Award for new talent, and the Best Collab award will be handed out to the most succesfull collaboration of last year. The artist or artists rocking the most support from their fanbase are in the running for the Streetteam Award. And so on, and so on. An audience of excited artists and fans gets to enjoy some off-the-hook performances by both national and international artists: all ingredients for a crazy awardshow are in stock!

XITE Awards 2014

Some of the nominees are: Mr. Probz - Martin Garrix - B-Brave - Li’l Kleine - Sharon Doorson - Laura Jansen - Miss Montreal - Eva Simons - Nielson - Mr. Polska - Gers Pardoel

Votes for YOUR favourite artists can be dropped at Do you want to get your friends in on the game? #XA14 on Instagram / Twitter / Vine to spread the word!