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Saturday march 1 the SFFRMKRS will be back in AIR…back INNA di ‘DOTTI’ AIR! ‘DOTTI’ is that thing u can’t go without. Dancehall, Ghettotech, Bubbeling, Dirty Bass etc etc. Everything that will make u shake and twerk your curves and body parts to, mixed with thick hiphop and eclectic mayhem.
Next to the DOTTITHICK Line Up in AIR1 we’ll have a complete take over in AIR2 by HIPPE TYPES B. In case you were wondering, for months these FiSSaBoiiZ are terrorizing every Amsterdam club, dancefloor and dj-booth. March 1 it’s AIR its turn to give these boys a platform. There are rumours they’ll bring dutch television network BNN to film footage for Fissaboys, so keep an eye out and don’t miss INNA di ‘DOTTI’ AIR.
To make things even better online lifestyle and fashion magazine MODERNDAYHIPPIES will celebrate its 1 year anniversary! AIR3 will be turned into ‘DOTTI DARKROOM’. Do u dare to enter? Make sure u do. SFFRMKRS, LEE (Jeans), Kings Of Indigo, Moderndayhippies and Good Genes are there so that you will not go home empty handed! Saturday March 1 is gonna be smouldering, is gonna be hot, will be ‘DOTTI’.

SFFRMKRS - Amsterdam Open Air 2013

SFFRMKRS inna di AIR (mixed by Snelle Jelle)