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Girls Love DJs is coming rock hard!
HERE WE GO! Saturday march 8 you must be at AIR…Why? Because it’s on with Girls Love DJs!
For this edition the group will again have some of their best friends over, all with just one purpose: P A R T Y. The boys can’t wait to put on a crazy show with Kenneth G, Snelle Jelle, Flamboyant, Donagrandi, Jeremaine S and MR. V.I.
On top of that you’ll absolutely gonna have to take a look in AIR2 because a big dose of SKIT is coming our way…SKIT? Yes, SKIT is going to turn AIR2 in a magical musical chaos.
Do we need to say more? See u all Saturday march 8 at Girls Love DJs INVITES at AIR!

Girls Love DJs: Party & Bullshit II

Girls Love DJs - GirlsLoveDJs - Amsterdam Open Air Podcast 11