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FORMAT says goodbye but no farewell
FORMAT’s moving boxes are packed, the techno night is preparing for its final edition in AIR. Enough reason to give everything with a powerfull Dutch all star line up.

For Friday February 7 Juan Sanchez selects only the finest techno dj’s. Invited are; Secret Cinema, Sandrien, Mirella Kroes, Kevin Arnemann, Frank Haag, Delicatesse and Flipse. We are challenging your biological clock once again: FORMAT won’t end before 9 am. 

Raised by AIR, Format is now ready to leave the nest. Starting next april the West Harbour area will be the new home for this techno night. The West harbour has a true rave heritage: during the 90’s the warehouses here were the home to several illegal rave parties.
If Oprah would tape a techno show featuring Holland’s finest these would be the dj’s she invited. On Friday February 7 the Dutch techno top will be present. He’s not to be missed for over 20 years now: Secret Cinema. This Rotterdam born dj has written hits like Mary Go Wild and Sonar System. Sandrien is always happy to explore the rich techno history for her warm old school sets. He might not be the youngest of age but he sure has a lot of experience: Kevin Arnemann. With his repertoire you can’t hardly call him a rookie.
The line up for this edition shows us musical opposites who naturally seem to fit together but still know how to surprise us. With Mirella Kroes you can expect hypnotizing dubby grooves and Frank Haag gives you an abstract minimal sound. Delicatesse keeps surprising by searching the borders of tech and deephouse. And Robert Flipse get everybody moving on the dancefloor with a combination of house, techno, deephouse and some of the more minimal genres. 
Date: Friday february 7 2014
Presale: € 12,50
Juan Sanchez @ FORMAT 3 Year Anniversary opening set