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Vieze Poezendek from Milkshake Festival to AIR
Calling all dirty kittens! The Sjieke Poezendek (fancy kittens deck) at Milkshake festival was followed up with the Vieze Poezendek (dirty kittens deck). Because let's be honest, spinning some smooth R&B and Hip Hop makes everybody wanting to get down and dirty. It's AIR's turn to give all grinding kittens a roof over their heads for the winter.
On saturday february 8 u can pick out your most naughty outfit and leave the underwear at home. With names like Snelle Jelle, Monte Christo, Alain Kuipers, Rachel Green, Covergirl Sunny and Bastiaan van Schaik at the decks we can garantee u this will be a deliciously dirty party. 

The 'Vieze Poezendek' is well known and notorious for some years now as a stage at Milkshake Festival. AIR is happy to take over this party as its newest open minded club night. For boys who love girls who love girls who love boys who love boys who love R&B, Hip Hop, entertainment and a whole lot of dirty kitties!