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Cabaret Noir: A Night Full Entertainment
On january 31 AIR Amsterdam will clear its stage for some of the best nightclub entertainment you've ever seen.
With Cabaret Noir the public is being treated to a night full of exciting performances and great music. Behind the theatre curtains the House of Cherries will take the lead with dance and acrobatics you don't want to miss. These performance artists will give this night a high end theatre feel. 

Our performances will be backed up by some experts on pumping music. Sheila Hill, Martien Verheyden and Franky Rizardo will make your night complete with music you simply can't resist. 

Cabaret Noir offers u a complete experience with entertainment and music. You'll feel like you're in the spotlight. Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome on friday january 31!

For VIP-bookings and table-service:

Cabaret Noir - 20 April AIR Amsterdam