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Birdhouse january: More fun, more everything!
Your weekly Sunday night at Air Amsterdam! 

Time flies when you're having fun, and we sure had a hell of a party last december! A sold out AIR three weeks in a row, hell to the YES! We hope all u fly birds enjoyed as much as we did!
Now that the new year has started we'll be going full speed ahead! 2014 here we come! Resolutions for 2014? More vodka, more fun, more everything! The best is yet to come dear people! In january we serve a fine selection of rockstar dj's: Feest DJ Ruud, Kid Qm Johnny 500, Mairo Nawaz, TNO Soundsystem and many many more!


Where: AIR, Amsterdam
When: Every Sunday
Price: €12,50
Who: Feest dj Ruud, Kid Q, Rob Black, TNO, Abstract and many more!
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