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Birdhouse february; Let's Fly Together
After the first month of 2014, Birdhouse is ready to fly into February. Pretty birds, lovebirds, girly birds, they've all been part of the best way to end your weekend: now they're ready for more!
Fresh blood for AIR's sunday night! Birdhouse has brought the last day of your weekend back to life. For February, some new faces have taken place under the Birdhouse wings.. plus a brand new Girls Night (February 9th) is planned to have the girls rule the club once again.

Partystarters for this month have been carefully chosen, to name a few: on February 2nd we're rocking a Birdhouse special with The Flexican ft. Sef (bumaye!), FS Green, Abstractm TNO and many more. Birds of all different kinds of feathers will fill the dancefloor and shake their tailfeather to the latest Hip-Hop, RnB, Classic and Eclectic House tunes.

No matter if you're a proud peacock, the tasty chicken, that grey rooftop pidgeon, the shy sparrow or that tuff eagle. One thing is for sure, everybody can build his bird nest at the best sunday night party of Amsterdam.

So, let’s fly together people! 

When: Every Sunday
Time: 23.30 – 04.00
Price: 12,50 eu (no presale)