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Peaches joins Supertoys invites RUMOUR HAS IT
This is a rock ’n roll Christmas!

SUPERTOYS once again invites RUMOUR HAS IT for a hysterical party to end the year. Special guest: Peaches!
Next to the biggest stage on Milkshake Festival, AIR is host to SUPERTOYS for 3 years now. A happy mix of pop, house and electro come together on this night where a colorful and liberal crowd makes the rules. No room for arrogance or bad habits at SUPERTOYS: 'we're supposed to have fun!'

RUMOUR HAS IT (RHI) is setting the tone with openminded parties for women and their friends for over two years now. The girls know how to rock 'n roll... 

This time around, Peaches will be our guest and she'll bring AIR Amsterdam a dubble dosis of sex, drugs 'n electro. This colorful entertainer impresses everybody when she climbs the stage. The energetic combination of pounding electro, extravagant outfits, stagedives and champaign-showers make Peaches a world wide phenomenon loved by the openminded underground scene.
It's only 'almost' Christmas once, thats why lovebirds SUPERTOYS and RUMOUR HAS IT have big plans in store (next to Peaches). The sexy Spacegirls will make their debut, Mr. NOW & WOW Ted Langenbach himself will spin the decks and Rachel Green will join as well. RUMOUR HAS IT favorite Tamore and SUPERTOYS-lovers Doppelgang complete the list of dj power!

Supertoys invites RUMOUR HAS IT
2300 - 0500
Presale €14,-