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Birdhouse invites Ryan Leslie
So when I fly, you fly, we fly together
And when I shine, you shine we shine forever

As promised, december is the month Birdhouse is bringing it big time. The one and only top of the bill R&B artist Ryan Leslie will give a special performance in AIR Amsterdam. For most of u this name will sound familiar. This American R&B sensation is multi talented, being not only a singer and rapper but also producer and multi-instrumentalist that graduated Harvard when he was ony 19 years old. Leslie got known thanks to his club hits like 'diamond girl' and 'addiction'. On top of that he also put singer Cassie on the map with his work at Bad Boy Records, producing the 'Me & U' song.

Ryan Leslie - Addiction ft. Cassie, Fabolous

Of course, a selection of Amsterdam's finest DJ superstars will be present this evening to support Ryan Leslie. FS Green, Dyna and Mairo Nawaz will make this night even more perfect. December will have only one night and one place that isn't going to be cold, AIR Amsterdam on december 15. Prepare yourself for the best party of the month. BIRDHOUSE invites RYAN LESLIE. 

Presale: 18 euros
Doorsale: 20 euros
VIP tables available: of