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FORMAT is unwrapping
The moon is shining through the trees and FORMAT is ready to make some noise. On friday december 6 FORMAT will present a line up that will make u skip out on 'Sinterklaas eve'. Invited by host Juan Sanchez, Luigi Madonna (Drumcode), Bart Skils, Edwin Oosterwal & Sirena are ready to unwrinkle the wraping paper. In AIR2, hosted by 3Gram, Bas Dobbelaer, Neil CB (live), Ross Joch and Job Travail will spin the decks. We'll keep going till 9 am once again. The night will come to an end with the once and only Belgian dj and producer Hermanez.
Luigi Madonna
La vita e bella with Luigi Madonna behind the decks. The Italian started spinning when he was fourteen. After a musical moment of clarity Luigi started producing. His first release was Submarine by Structure Records, followed by releases on Adam Beyer's Drumcode, Rino Cerrone's Loose Records and Plus 8, Ricie Hawtin and John Aquaviava's label.  With his recordchoice Luigi is following in the musical steps of dj's like Chris Liebing, Adam Beyer, Rino Cerrone and Richie Hawtin.

Bart Skils
Always a step in front of the rest, dj Bart Skills has grown to be one of the biggest in our small country. Not only does this guy from Amsterdam know how to get those hands raised as a dj, he also produces and makes remixes in a cutting edge way. Bart Skills style varies from ritmic deep techno to minimal and always has a funky and danceable feel. And if that isn't enough, he also founded Voltt. The Voltt loves Summer festival brings 15.000 people to the NDSM Werf every year. 

There are artist that reach the star status over night. You also got that category that works its way to perfection slowly and never leaves the stage after doing so. Hermanez can be put in that last category. Next to his residency at the famous Cafe D'anvers in Antwerp, he's crossing the planet with his techhouse and techno. He's releasing on labels like Memoria Recordings, Get Physical and the New York based Inmotion Music. Hermanez had a hit song with 'Soms' and made a remix of the Juan Sanchez track 'Jallah'.

Edwin Oosterwal & Sirena
Dat onze polders een goede voedingsbodem zijn voor verrassende muzikale samenwerkingen, hoeft geen verbazing te wekken. Vrijdag 6 december is het de beurt aan Edwin Oosterwal & Sirena. Samen weten ze een warme, groovy set neer te zetten die van house via techhouse gaat naar techno. Oosterwal is natuurlijk bekend van het Rejected label, dat hij runt met Joris Voorn en zijn remixes voor onder meer Technasia en Terrence Dixon. Sirena is in Nederland graag in de dj booths van clubs als Studio 80 en Toffler te vinden.

That our wet little country serves up some nice musical collaborations isn't really big news. On friday december 6 it's time for Edwin Oosterwal & Sirena. Together they know how to create a warm, groovy set varying from house, to techhouse, to techno. Oosterwal is of course known because of the Rejected label which he runs together with Joris Voorn, and his remixes of Technasia and Terrence Dixon. Sirena loves to spend time in the Dutch dj booths and clubs like Studio 80 and Toffler. 

3Gram host AIR2
3Gram is a lot for one night, thats why the organisation get its own area during FORMAT. 3Gram has its own style of organising techno parties and is responsible for one of the biggest succes formulas in the party scene of Alkmaar.
Every first friday of the month AIR is breathing techno music. Host Juan Sanchez is scouting the whole world for the producers and dj's of tomorrow and is always having an eye out for new talent. Visuals during this night always receive extra attention. Thanks to new rules and permits AIR2 will host the after hour. FORMAT is always seeking chances to spread its wings into new territory with stages at Valhalla, Amsterdam Open Air and last summers appearance in Ibiza.

Date: friday december 6, 2013
Location: AIR
Presale: € 13,-
Line up: Luigi Madonna, Bart Skils, Juan Sanchez, Hermanez, Edwin Oosterwal & Sirena, Bas Dobbelaer, Neil CB (live), Job Travail, Ross Joch, 3Gram

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