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MTV Music Week in AIR: Klangkarussell
MTV Music Week is taking over Amsterdam and of course AIR is included. On ADE's friday together with, MTV Music Week will present: No other then Klangkarussell!
The rebellious dj couple met each other in the same taste for music and soon proved to be a successful combination in producing together. The chemistry between the two became extra clear with the spectacular success of their third co-production, Sonnentanz. This single is known by everyone as the incredible successful worldwide radio ánd club hit. Being that two years have past since this success, its time for bigger steps. A first album release by recordlabel Universal is happening next year. 

Klangkarussell of course isn't coming to AIR alone: Amsterdams known faces Arjuna Schiks, Some Chemistry and once again, popular dj couple PONY will join. AIR2 is making room for the heavier stuff with more upbeat and melodic tech-house by the young and talented Hubert Kirchner, Marckus and No Reset.

Klangkarussell - Sonnentanz (Video HD)

Complete line-up:
∆ Klangkarussell
∆ Arjuna Schiks 
∆ Some Chemistry

∆ Hubert Kirchner
∆ Marckus
∆ No Reset

Presale: €17.50 via
MTV Music Week
1 Hour Mix 10/13