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FORMAT keeps u aaawake during the ADE After Hour
From all corners of the world the complete dance scene is flying over to our capital city for the Amsterdam Dance Event. The real die hard will save saturday morning october 19 for the ADE After Hour by FORMAT. We'll bundle our strengths with the Octopus label for this big sized FORMAT. Eight of the best dj's will push their biological clock to the limit to have a spin in AIR. Octopus boss Sian, Ambivalent, Secret Cinema, Frank Haag, Mirella Kroes, Aardy and Kevin Arnemann have been invited by our host Juan Sanchez. During the After we'll have a extra-special-guest surprise. AIR will open its doors 06:00 - 14:00.
Juan Sanchez and Sian 'go way back'. Juan released Stigma on Octopus. The Barcelona based Sian has been a guest at FORMAT before: in club AIR and during the last edition of Amsterdam Open AIR. He makes no secret of his affinity with the Dutch audience and is counting the days waiting for this gig.

Ambivalent is Kevin McHugh's artist name. And whats in a name? Ambivalent is spending his recent years living in New York and Berlin. When one is based in two completely contrasting cities you'll here that in his music. This ambivalence makes for exciting, minimal techno balancing on a golden line. 

Secret Cinema
It's not his first time, but he always knows to outdo himself: Secret Cinema. No agenda filled like the one of this techno-king from Rotterdam. The famous book written about the Dutch dance scene doesn't carry the name of his chartstopper Mary Go Wild by coincidence . The FORMAT crew is very excited that he managed to clear his schedule for this after.

Kevin Arnemann 
He's the youngest artist of the night but already has an astonishing amount of techno miles in his legs. The producer slash dj slash live act slash techno-omnivore has had an extremely busy festival season. He's been busy lately working on his live act but will show off his dj roots during the ADE After Hour. 

Mirella Kroes
If you think of high sensitive you think of Mirella Kroes. Her Music can best be described as hypnotising dubby grooves that go raw and deep. Resident Advisor called her out as a 'rising star' but Kroes has already shown what she's worth on dancefloors around the world. 

And moving on with..
No quantity above quality with this edition, the FORMAT crew will make sure of that. The names above don't mean an end to the list. We'll also feature the debut of the Indian Aardy. This dj amazes friend and enemy in the Asian dance scene with his sets. 
Frank Haag is known for his progressive and innovative of dj-ing. Since 2012 he's also getting international recognition. His Depeche Mode bootleg received interest by Jamie Jones, Laura Jones and Marco Carola. 
'Being there is experiencing' and thats why we'll present our special guest during the after. The techno top is on speeddial, let the name dropping begin!
Every first friday of the month AIR is breathing techno music. Host Juan Sanchez is scouting the whole world for the producers and dj's of tomorrow and is always having an eye out for new talent. Visuals during this night always receive extra attention. Thanks to new rules and permits AIR2 will host the after hour. FORMAT is always seeking chances to spread its wings into new territory with stages at Valhalla, Amsterdam Open Air and last summers appearance in Ibiza.
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