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The House with Space Dimension Controller
Every once in a while ‘it’ happens. A perfect collision of sound, atmosphere and crowd that leads to downright magic on the dancefloor. There’s no way of predicting the chances of this happening on any particular night, but there are some ingredients that, when present, make the odds bigger.
Once again, The HOUSE has found a way to cook up a sublime recipe, filled to the brim with funky, soulful, edgy house drenched sounds. A sneak peak of the highlights that await us on the 30th of August is in place.

Space Dimension Controller is well-known for his house-drenched DJ-sets, not being shy of dropping a classic every now and then. His productions all seem to breathe an energetic mix of early 80’s funk and disco, combined with classic house sounds. The artist, also known als Jack Hamil, has released on a wide variety of labels, for example R&S records and dutch label Clone Royal Oak.

The bold and housy sounds that emerge from the creative brain of Tom Ruijg are hard to miss. Having released some very well-received masterpieces on the Hot Creations sub-label Hot Waves, he is ‘out there’ with the big guys. A live-set from this DJ and producer isn’t something you will encounter on a regular basis. But when you do, it’s not easily forgotten
Pete Bandit & Jason Shae are openly declaring their love for the oldschool feeling by only releasing vinyl on their relatively new label Times Are Ruff. Aiming to support the underground house scene, this label has received loads of backing from the scene. This energetic house duo will be the closing act for the main room and will do so with a seductive mix that finds a way to combine Chicago and New York House sounds.

Some lovingly refer to Elias Mazian as ‘the new kid in town’. This debutant status provides him with enough room to experiment, which he is not afraid of. His soulful sets find a way to combine a hefty house sound with unexpected sidesteps to genres like hip-hop. Then again, his recent gigs at Amsterdams bigger festivals like Pitch and Vrijland are nothing short of a testimony of faith from those who live, breath and sleep electronic music.

Taking Amsterdam by storm, The HOUSE residents RAAF & ABSURD will perform a special allnighter in AIR 2. Their raw combination of house and deephouse is focused on one thing and one thing only: to bring a groove to the dancefloor that will relentlessly get every single limb in your body moving.

The House… Oldschool vibe for the new school tribe. Don’t be a stranger.
Tom Ruijg @ Amsterdam Amsterdam (ADE 2013)