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Birdhouse lands in AIR
Are the storks, tomtits, parakeets, toucans, humming-birds, swallows, crows, pidgeons, platypus, flamingo's and all other party birds ready to go? The annual migration of the birds is starting. 

We've enjoyed a small summer vacation but we're back from outer space. We found a new nest in AIR. Renewed, bigger, better and of course more fun! We sure hope all our birds saved some strength and are ready to shake their tail feather. Our team is ready for action!

September means the start of  'normal' life but that doesn't mean u can't end the week with a party. So: sunday, AIR, the finest beats, drinks, building nests, twerking bird dances, showing our beak on picture, PARTY!

We'll let u fly out of the weekend with fine tunes in the most delightfull mix of disco, house, pop and R&B. BIRDHOUSE is here to celebrate life and to be free as a bird. So spread your wings like a peacock and move up to AIR, celebrate the week(end) with BIRDHOUSE.